SynchroniCity is delighted to welcome and announce the launch of a flagship initiative to boost the digital transformation across cities and communities in Europe. This Declaration calls local and national authorities to join, boost, and sustain the successful innovative digital solutions that are, and can continue, reshaping cities and communities into smart and sustainable places where people enjoy living and working.

“Openness and interoperability are at the core of a responsible and agile municipality in the 21st century. By signing the scale-up declaration, cities and communities across Europe, and beyond, are now coming together to set the terms for AI- and IoT-enabled services.” explained Martin Brynskov, Chair of Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) and Coordinator of SynchroniCity.

The driving force of the SynchroniCity community has been the desire to bring down the barriers isolating digital city markets in a way that improves the lives of citizens and grows local economies. We have achieved this by operationalising OASC’s Minimal Interoperable Mechanisms (MIMs) while creating practical standards for the provision of IoT-based services through 50 service deployments across 21 cities.

At a time when our cities and communities are faced with a growing range of challenges, this declaration marks an important step in the launch of the ‘European way’ of digitally transforming cities and communities. This approach will ensure technological leadership in the EU while respecting European values and diversity, as well as individuals’ digital rights.

The SynchroniCity community, represented through OASC and ENoLL, invites every municipality to join, boost, and sustain.  


Read all about the declaration and the way forward here: