Engage Citizen offers two different levels of approach.
1. For citizens – it is a citizenry social network! Did you know that despite 57% of the European do not vote for EP but 95% of them uses social networks to express their political opinions! If you want an efficient portal to engage with citizens (consultancy, participation and co-creation) you must start by engaging and this is the only system available to use the social networks habit forming techniques.
2. For municipalities – it is a CRM (Citizen Relationship Management) that connects with portal an app from engage citizen but also monitors other social media networks to find insights. Rapid and personalized service oriented to the citizen is what our system offers!

Skills offered

  • Citizen engagement
  • Co-creation facilitation
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualisation
  • IoT infrastructure


Jorge Saraiva jps@engagecitizen.com