Hawa Dawa provides air quality measurements for outdoor conditions reliable to EU regulations, offering IoT sensors and SaaS at fraction of the price of traditional monitoring techniques. Our data can be integrated with other mobility, logistics and movement data to assist with eco-sensitive traffic management and other smart, emissions-reducing mobility practices for cities. Our customers are typically infrastructure partners with the ability to scale our IoT networks or smart city aggregators with whom we design innovative digital products for smarter cities. Our data is relevant across a range of smart city use cases, from mobility and logistics through to urban & infrastructure planning, property rating and investment, policy development, reinsurance and insurance and tourism sectors. We provide the environmental data to assist with the planning, design and implementation of new measures to combat air quality.
TRL 9 – we are already in the market with our IoT devices and are collecting data values which are reliable to EU air quality measurement requirements for ‘indicative measurements’.

Skills offered

  • IoT enabled application
  • IoT service delivery
  • Data visualisation
  • Data analytics
  • Co-creation facilitation
  • Citizen engagement


Cassi Wellingcassi.welling@hawadawa.com