We deliver sensing as a service for air quality / noise levels / micro climate data. We deploy hardware and software – dramatically reducing complexity of deploying sensors for better compliance to environmental regulations. We typically focus on city governments, utilities, smart city projects etc with live implementation in over 12 cities worldwide. We have a mature and robust product with numerous validation & certifications by Danish and Norwegian authorities to match EU standards. Our product has been developed over 4 years in deep collaboration with customers and companies like CISCO. Our technology is quite a radical departure from existing offerings – in sensing accuracy, size and power requirements – making it easy to deploy and manage a dense network of these at much lower cost than traditional suppliers.
TRL : 9 (in commercial deployments for 3 years)

Skills offered

  • Sensors
  • air quality mapping
  • noise analysis
  • micro climate
  • GIS.


Vinay Venkatramaninfo@leapcraft.dk