Loriot constantly growing infrastructure is currently made up of 12 geographically distributed public servers. Our product is a system of multiple applications to set up, maintain, operate and scale a LoRaWAN network with ease and allows our customers to deploy their IoT solutions easily, reduce development effort and thus dramatically shorten time-to-market.

Currently, all available industrial grade gateways as well as many consumer grade gateways are supported. Our hardware integration team develop custom binaries enabling all the LoRa gateways to be seamlessly integrated with Loriot and to provide additional features.
The most important component and the brain of our solution is the Network Server. It is responsible for receiving the messages of all connected devices, decrypt them and forward the sensor payload to different customer-defined applications or to third-party platforms such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS, Google IoT, Cayenne, PubNub, MQTT, Websocket, and more supported output.

Skills offered

  • IoT infrastructure
  • IoT middleware
  • Data visualisation


Dario Maccarronedario@loriot.io