– Implementation of cutting edge European digital transformation technology Smart City Monitor for assisting in Smart Sustainable Governance and Management of urban communities, (current TRL 6).
– Enabling the transparency of compliance to major international standards such as ISO 37120, ISO 37122, ISO 37123, etc as continuous daily practice in municipality management enabling effective support in certification
– Offering automatic transformation of big data for evaluation of the ongoing operational status of the whole city and its individual subsystems (or focus areas, or themes) as big system of systems answering to the question “How are you my city?” (Energy efficiency, Mobility, Environment and air quality, etc)
– Presenting the holistic integrated vision of urban processes sustainability to key management and operators on mobile devices in real time
– Providing AI-driven in depth analytics of causes and cases and predictions, customized to the interests of major stakeholder groups such as community governance, administration, utility providers’ management, operators, local businesses, citizens and tourists
– Supporting multiple diverse mobile apps in different areas of urban activities (energy efficiency, transportation, pedestrian flows, water, waste, well-being, leisure, etc)
– Quick realisation of necessary KPIs including those defined by the standards and those custom KPI required by local operational practices of municipalities and utility providers
– Defining the optional data sources required for real time calculations of the necessary indicators and it’s linking to the custom urban model including automatic data collection from IoT/ sensor networks and automated systems and importing from various databases (including multiple spreadsheet files in different organizations and locations)
– Planning and implementation and easy updating of custom virtual models of urban areas, districts, campuses, groups of building and utility services accordingly to its infrastructure and operations. The urban models of such big cyber-physical systems link both virtual and physical worlds and can run in cloud or on-premises.
– Training and support of the local municipality teams and organisations implementing the Smart City Monitor technology and its applications in their cities
– Compliance with SynchroniCity API, Shared data models and principles of the Open and Agile Smart Cities Network (OASC)

  • IoT enabled application
  • IoT infrastructure
  • IoT middleware
  • IoT integration
  • IoT service delivery
  • Security and/or privacy
  • Data visualisation
  • Data analytics
  • Co-creation facilitation
  • Citizen engagement
  • design-service-graphic-product


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