Mount Pearl

We are a city growing to meet the future head on. From smart planning and governance to thoughtful infrastructure and development, Mount Pearl offers both families and businesses a place to thrive and prosper. We are proud of what we have built and where we are heading. And we want you to be a part of it.

What is unique and interesting about your city?

We are embarking upon an exciting transformation. Our A1Next vision is our answer to a city, and municipalities around the country, that need a reinvention to stay relevant to residents and businesses alike. Our technology “sandbox” will become our greatest asset in the attraction and retention of new residents from home and abroad. It will transform our approach to problem solving and propel us into next generation urban development that mirrors the most progressive cities around the world. Through reimagining our oldest neighborhood and evolving it into a destination for innovation in Canada, we will grow our technology-based business sector and reinvigorate entrepreneurship in our region, becoming the ultimate destination to live, work, and play in the Atlantic Provinces. The Sandbox will emphasize an open-door approach that will engage residents and businesses through access to innovative program development and dedicated support for business owners, while advocating self-sustainability through the operation of a dedicated test bed focused on solving the cities greatest challenges using technology. A1Next will belong to everyone in our City, a home for progression and innovation that will be scalable to the many cities like ours that need a path forward in a changing global landscape. Key Advantages for Businesses in Mount Pearl: Strategically located in terms of transportation routes, convenient commutes and to a pool of workers. Commercial and industrial properties are stable and competitively priced. We are very engaged to provide services and infrastructure desired by our business community. We encourage the development of businesses of all sizes from the small start-up to large multinationals. There’s momentum and growth expressed universally by the businesses and the residents of this City. Key Advantages for Residents of Mount Pearl: We are very open, progressive, and family friendly city with vast amenities all in close proximity. At its heart, Mount Pearl is a large city with a small community cohesiveness. Mount Pearl has two high schools, two intermediate and four primary/elementary neighborhood schools. Our residential properties are very stable and competitively priced. We are engaged with the community to provide services and infrastructure desired by our residents. Mount Pearl has multiple state-of-the-art recreational facilities which draw provincial and national competitions to the City. There are opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer in sports and other charity activities. We have approximately 1,100 businesses and 15,500 people employed within Mount Pearl.

What type of solution is your city interested in?

We want to be the smartest little city in Canada. Therefore we are exploring a variety of solutions, and hopefully many of them will integrate.