Here you will find more general documents from the project. Please find Open Call documents and resources in the dedicated  Open Call section.
Project Deliverables



Deliverable 1.3 Guidelines for SynchroniCity architecture

Deliverable 1.4 Privacy by design methodology & PIA

Deliverable 1.10 First set of citizen-centred methods and tools

Deliverable 2.1 Reference Architecture for IoT Enabled Smart Cities

Deliverable 2.2 Guidelines for the definition of OASC Shared Data Models

Deliverable 2.4 Basic data marketplace enablers

Deliverable 2.6 Guidelines for the integration of IoT devices in OASC compliant platforms

Deliverable 2.10 Reference Architecture for IoT Enabled Smart Cities, Update

Deliverable 3.1 Documentation of service designs (Specification and design of initial IoT applications)

Deliverable 3.2 Suite of baseline implementations – basic

Deliverable 3.4 Common methodology and toolset for city service customization

Deliverable 3.5 Customized IoT service prototypes for lead ref. zones – basic

Deliverable 3.7 Pilot deployment plan

Deliverable 4.1 Validation Methodology Description

Deliverable 4.2 Technical Validation (Phase 1)

Deliverable 5.1 Open call specifications and text reflecting the market

Deliverable 5.3 Open call dissemination report

Deliverable 6.1 Overview and driving forces of the Smart City IoT market

Deliverable 6.3 KPI framework

Deliverable 6.8 Marketing and communications plan

Deliverable 6.9 Website and marketing materials_incl. annexes

Deliverable 6.9 Website and Marketing materials_incl.annexes (re-submission M23)

Deliverable 6.10 First report on communication, dissemination and marketing materials

Deliverable 7.1 SynchroniCity Online Presence