With the goal to support potential applicants for the open call, SynchroniCity organised a webinar on 12 June 2018. Participants have received more information about SynchroniCity and how to apply for the €3 million open call. In a Q&A session, the attendees were also able to exchange directly with the SynchroniCity team.

The webinar demonstrated the great interest from the SME community in the SynchroniCity open call: More than 100 potential applicants attended the two hours webinar to get first-hand information. During the webinar the SynchroniCity team has asked the participants to reply to follow-up polls and a survey. This allows to identify the target group attracted by the open call, and to tailor our support activities even better in the upcoming months.

The results of the survey show that the majority of the webinar participants are representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who are still looking for partners for the open call application. As a consequence, a matchmaking section will be launched soon on the SynchroniCity website. Stay tuned for more information.Only a smaller percentage of interested participants come from large enterprises and local government authorities.

When asked, how many cities the potential applicants are planning to involve, almost half of them plan to include up to 3 cities in the open call proposal. Only 20 per cent of potential applicants plan to involve up to 5 cities in their pilot. The survey also showed that a third of the attendants has already participated in Horizon 2020 projects.


The survey confirmed that the majority of webinar attendants considered the webinar helpful to get first-hand information about the SynchroniCity open call, directly download the necessary documents from the webinar interface, and allow them to submit questions and get answers in real time from the SynchroniCity team. Considering the high demand of potential applicants to participate in the webinars, SynchroniCity has decided to extend the offer by providing monthly webinars until September 2018. Here you can register for the upcoming webinars or watch the recording from the first open call webinar.