The City of Eindhoven has implemented the StarterK!t together with DITSS, ATOS, Pels Rijcken & Drooglever Fortuijn (the Dutch state attorney), Venturesping Metropole Region Eindhoven and FIWARE Foundation. The downloadable StarterK!t includes several policy instruments, such as the Open Data Principles and the IoT Charter of the Municipality. The StarterK!t translates these principles in technology. It has successfully launched on March 29, 2018 at the Beyond Data Event.

The first aim of the StarterK!t was to improve safe & security in Stratumseind, a big clubbing area of Eindhoven. The Living Lab in this area has helped the municipality to make outdoor environments smarter, From the technological point of view, sensors, video cameras and a specific software analyses early signs of violence. The software is currently converted to FIWARE-based OASC and SynchroniCity principles, guidelines and (reference) architecture. The StarterK!t combines several FIWARE and SynchroniCity components as a package, including a cookbook and a script for easy installation and usage. The StarterK!t is available as open source and for free! Startumseind is just one of the use cases in the City of Eindhoven where the StarterK!t has been used. We are planning to use similar environment as a ATOS hosted Data Management Platform as a Services for  all kind of local, national and European initiatives. In the table below a visualization and glimpse of the local developments, the related (European) project and (possible) use-cases.


Table 1: Some local initiative with related projects and use-cases

Local Development (EU) Project Use case/benefits
Stratumseind City Pulse/ Trillion De-escalation => well-being, happy city
Strijp-S Triangulum Mobility, building management,  de-escalate, ..
Your Light on 040 Roadmap Light => SynchroniCity Smart lighting grid for mobility, health, ….
Sound dashboard Environment program ‘Fascinating city centre’? Well-being, early warning (= ‘prevention’ fines) for pub owner and event organizers
Integrated and  data-driven ‘facility’ planning ‘Real estate for happiness’ Well-being, ‘proper’ control and/or prioritize policy/decision making
Zero Burglaries in the neighborhood Further development of data platform and governance Well-being, safety, social inclusiveness
Eindhoven/ Urban Data (Science) Center Data-driven organization Safety, control and/or prioritize policy/decision making


The StarterK!t, together with the related reference architecture, has been presented on 26 October at the Creative Ring SUM-IT 2018 (, within the Dutch Design Week ( The SUM-IT was  attended by 85 people from 15 cities in 8 countries.

Figure 1: Keynote from Angela Plohman, Executive Vice-President of Mozilla Foundation

More photos can be found on the SUM-IT site (


The Municipality of Eindhoven has also showed the “Framework on a Stick” Cookbook to support disruptive innovation. It is evident that the motto of the City of Eindhoven: “Digital Innovation: City Knowledge Sharing” became a reality thanks to the StarterK!t. Indeed, the City of Eindhoven, strongly believes in its Open Data Principles, such as: data resides in the public space belongs to everyone, data may be used by all parties and, last but not least, data may only be opened if there are no privacy or public safety threats.

Figure 2: The StarterK!t framework on a Stick


Why is the StarterK!t relevant for SynchroniCity?

We are convinced that a low-level, easy to use, framework is instrumental to gain momentum and ‘installed base’ at the cities, the open call winners/SME’s inside SynchroniCity and also outside the project to other OASC cities and citizens, SME’s/start-ups, knowledge institutes etc. etc.. Without ‘stuff that actually works’ and is spread like an oil slick, the European Digital Single Market will never really arise.

Figure 3: StarterK!t = SynchroniCity Data Platfrom



About the Creative Ring Sum-It

Sum-It! – Where creative communities find the tools to shape tomorrow’s urban narratives. In October 2018, during Dutch Design Week, Creative Ring organizes its first international Sum-It! A one of a kind event, where creative communities find the tools to shape tomorrow’s urban narratives. Sum-It! is a collaboration between Creative RingStichting Cultuur Eindhoven and other relevant partners.


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