23 – 24/10/2018

The road accident phenomenon is complex and so are road safety management systems. As a consequence, road safety research is multi-disciplinary and covers such areas as epidemiology, statistics, in-depth accident analyses, biomechanics, behavioural studies, sociology, economics, etc. “Early career” researchers (i.e. researchers new in the field of road safety) are usually limited to a specific field of investigation in which they work in-depth without getting the broader picture of what is being done in road safety research and how the different investigation fields complement each other.

The mission with the ECRC is to give the participant a coherent view into traditional and modern traffic safety theory, methods and solutions and to have a clear understanding of the importance of the institutional framework in order to be able to make a difference in the traffic safety work subsequently.

Course topics:

  • Road users as the central element in the road safety process: psychological, physiological, social, health and medical research approaches
  • Traffic conflict technique and other observation methods
  • Safety research for pedestrians
  • Knowledge for road safety management
  • Matching policy and research
  • Connection between research and practice

The full programme is available online.

To learn more visit their website: http://www.ictct.org/news/31-porto-portugal/