Are you a researcher in the field of IoT in Smart Cities?

Do not miss the opportunity to join the IEEE Global IoT Summit 2019(GIOTS), part of the IoT Week 2019 conferencein Aarhus, Denmark, June 17-21 2019. The SynchroniCity project strongly supports and provides relevant insights from the IoT global market and Smart Cities Communities to these events. IoT week 2019 will provide a relevant forum to address societal needs of Smart Cities, thus including end-user engagement, ethics and data protection.

The GIOTS is a scientific conference presenting the most relevant research results in the IoT and Smart Cities field. IoT enabling technologies,applications, services and real implementations, end-user and human centric IoT, as well as IoT security, privacy and data protection are some of the main themes of the call for papers, not excluding innovative research and results on IoT pilots, testbeds and experimentation.Another important focus will be on the Internet of Things for sustainable development, by exploring how IoT technology can contribute to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“GIoTS 2019 will attract experts from industry and research in current and emerging technologies such as 5G-based IoT, software-defined IoT, IoT-centric Cloud Computing, including the Social Internet of Things”said Latif Ladid, Co-Chair and President of IPv6 Forum.

You can also submit a paper for several special sessions and workshops hosted by GIOTS 2019, focusing on IoT user centric smart cities’ services, IoT security and Privacy, IoT for Industry 4.0, and much more! Finally, you can propose to organize an Industry Forum Panel Session. 

Detailed information and summary of important dates for GIOTS are available here.

The programmeof IoT Week 2019 is already available and you can register here.

Join the SynchroniCity community at IoT Week 2019 and GIOTS!