Open Call


The SynchroniCity open call launches on June 1st 17:00 CEST and closes on September 30th 17:00 CEST. Below you will find all the information you need to join, including guidelines, technical specification and helpdesk.

Aim of the Open Call

The purpose of this is to create a global market for human-centered IoT-enabled urban services which are interoperable, replicable and reusable across cities and across domains.

Who is it for?

  • Companies that can provide an IoT data-enabled application or a full stack solution.  The application/solution must have been that have already demonstrated in a relevant environment. SMEs can apply alone or in a Pilot Group. Large businesses can only apply in a Pilot Group in partnership with at least one SME Lead Applicant. To find out more, download the documentation for SMEs and Large Businesses.
  • Cities that will help create and sustain a global and agile market for IoT-enabled urban services. Cities can only apply in a Pilot Group in partnership with at least one SME Lead Applicant. To find out more, download the documentation for New Applicant Cities.


The SynchroniCity open call will cover three specific themes: sustainable mobility, citizen engagement and environment & wellbeing as well as a an open theme.


Each application can be funded with:

  • up to €100.000 if an SME applies alone;
  • up to €200.000 for Pilot Groups of 2 organisations;
  • up to €300.000 for Pilot Groups of 3 organisations or more.

Synchronicity open call will co-fund 80% of the total individual budget of each project. The remaining 20% will need to be provided by applicants either as in-kind support or by bringing in funding to the project. Funding to cities and large businesses is limited to €60.000. Note that SMEs, cities and large businesses that are not from the EU or H2020 associated countries are welcome to apply but they will not be eligible for funding.

Open Call Pilot Cities

You will need to pilot your solution in at least two pilot cities, but preferably more. At least one of the pilot cities should be a Core Pilot City (Antwerp, Carouge, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Milano, Porto and Santander). You may also include new cities in your Pilot Group. Find out more about the Core Pilot Cities here and New Applicant Cities here.

Duration of the Pilot

Maximum 6 months (between February and September 2019). Below is an overview of the timeline for the coming pilots.


1. Read the Open Call at a Glance – For Businesses (if you are an SME or a large business) – For Cities (if you are a city)

Open call at Glance for Businesses

Open call at Glance for Cities

2. If after reading the “Open Call at a Glance” you decide to apply for the Open Call, get familiar with  “1-page Guidance to read Open Call Documentation”

Guidance to Read Open Call Documentation SynchroniCity

3. Download the entire Open Call documentation from the: – Toolkit for SME & Large Business Applicants (if you are a business) – Toolkit for New Cities (if you are a new city applicant)

Open call toolkit for SMEs and Large Businesses

All you need before you apply

Open call toolkit for new cities

All you need before you apply

Become a Pilot City

Find out what it takes and how it may benefit your citizens

Get Support

We are here to help you

4. Submit your application here.