Technical Framework

The interaction of your IoT-enabled solution with the SynchroniCity technical framework is essential to ensure your proposal is technically feasible.

The objective is to build an application, based on SynchroniCity framework, that can be easily replicated and piloted in different cities and that can reach scale.

It is very important to demonstrate your solution is interoperable, replicable and reusable across the cities and across sectors.  What we mean with this, from a SynchroniCity perspective, is:

  • Interoperability: the solution is able to communicate with different systems and technologies using open interfaces. In SynchroniCity this is particularly related to the capability to interact with different IoT and City platforms
  • Replicability: the solutions can be easily replicated in different domains and cities. For instance, the same application should work in different cities with minimum technical adaptation
  • Reusability: the components of the solution have to be designed and implemented to be reusable in different technological environments. This is fundamental to simplify the integration with different systems
  • Replaceability: the software components of the solution have to be decoupled and easily substituted by others with the same capabilities. In this way, for instance, an application can be deployed in different cities replacing part of it with components already present in the city platforms.

There are some mandatory requirements that your proposal needs to cover:

  • Use of information provided by the Core Pilot Cities in which you want to pilot your solution through Synchronicity based common data models
  • Use Synchronicity API to access data and security.

In addition, you may:

  • Use external/additional information that, if possible, needs to be converted to NGSI data models
  • Build upon top of the available services that are available in some of the Core Pilot Cities

This additional information and services will allow you to enrich and contextualise your solution.

You may want to read the “SynchroniCity Framework in a Nutshell” to have a clearer view of the main components and tools available.

OASC Interoperability Points and Mechanisms

Interoperability Points Description Interoperability Mechanism Specifications Related Standard [and Baselines]
Security API API to register and authenticate user and applications in order to access to the SynchroniCity-enabled services. Security API OAUTH2
Data Storage API This API allows to access to historical data and open data of the reference zones. Data Storage API Historical ETSI NGSI-LD,


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