Open call toolkit for SMEs and Large Businesses

All you need before you apply

Open call toolkit for new cities

All you need before you apply


Do you have any questions? The quickest way to find answers to frequently asked questions is to check out the FAQ. If your question is not in the FAQ, check out the documentation for SMEs and Large Businesses or Cities, before contacting the online forum or the helpdesk.



Do you have questions concerning the Framework, APIs and live endpoints not answered on the framework page; administrative questions not answered in the documentation? Then you can use our public forum, where applicants can ask questions or review previous answers.

To access the Online Forum click here.



If your question is confidential, email at This email will be slower in replying and is strictly limited to issues that cannot be public. Consider using the forum before contacting this email, especially if your question could be of value to others.



Two webinars will be organized, one on June 12th and one in September (date soon to be announced).



All pilot cities will host the so-called “clinics” which are local events and drop-in sessions where you can obtain support in person during the open call application period. These events will assist you with any detailed questions you may have about the open call process, or with preparing your application. Click here to see dates.



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