Autonomous Air Quality Management (AAQM)

Challenges addressed

Environment & Wellbeing theme: Air Quality in public spaces

Autonomous Air Quality Management (AAQM) is a tailored-made solution to enhance air quality in public premises and buildings. AAQM  helps improve the quality of life of citizens while bringing cost-saving solutions for cities. AAQM provides a full cycle solution autonomously integrating all necessary phases:

  • Collecting building air quality data via sensors,
  • Applying relevant open data for analytics in the planning process.
  • Providing automatic alerts and maintenance tasks, including scheduling and resource selection for required maintenance operations,
  • Executing follow-up and reporting requirements.

To enable this whole cycle, we combine Internet of Things, analytics and autonomous artificial intelligence in our solution. Alongside with a high-tech approach, our solution features a user-friendly game style experience making the solution extremely easy to use.

Benefits for citizens:

       Clear and easy to understand facts on the quality of their air

       A responsive and improved air quality management

Benefits for cities:

       Improved efficiency and service level in public space maintenance services 

       Holistic view, situational awareness in real-time 

       Less personnel on sick-leave via improved air quality

       Cost savings through (A) autonomous planning, (B) optimal resource selection, © improved action and reaction to issues around property management (D) maximising the life-cycle of properties and therefore ensuring the highest return in use of real estate investment.

Cities involved

Helsinki, Santander, Tampere.


Multi-Agent Technology Ltd

Metosin Ltd