Challenges addressed

Open Challenge

The BlueAlpaca project makes IoT based information and Smart City services, accessible and usable by citizens. We aim to assess the technical replicability and scalability of a conversational information service.

The solution we propose offers smart cities a truly human-centered service with a lower total cost of ownership, unlocking innovation potential and lowering the entry barrier for cities to experiment conversational information services. Similarly, citizens can benefit from timely information access, 24/7 multi-channel availability, no need to install any app, and faster, engaging interaction.

The implementation of the pilot project involves the development of 9 chatbot applications across four different cities (Milan, Helsinki, Antwerp, Santander). The applications will be live, working applications, accessible by citizens and connected to real IoT data streams, mediated through the Synchronicity platform, to address citizens’ needs. Chatbots will be available through different pages but will be powered by the same framework (U-Hopper Chatbot Framework), running on a cloud infrastructure, which will integrate with the Synchronicity APIs to fetch the relevant data. We plan to involve at least 2,000 citizens in the pilot.

Cities involved

Antwerp, Helsinki, Milan, Santander


  • Daniele Miorandi, CEO
  • Diego Taglioni, Senior Partner & co-founder
  • Carlo Caprini, Product Manager
  • Rossana Bartolacelli, UX/UI Designer
  • Nicolò Pomini, Software Developer
  • Christian Torrero, Data Scientist
  • Eleonora Aste, Marketing and Business Analyst