SMART CITY STRATEGY Carouge is committed to building a quality future for its inhabitants through innovation in services and their delivery. In this context, Carouge and the Canton of Geneva have actively engaged in Internet of Things deployment, with a focus on services to citizens and to satisfy the need of the economic development. CITY CHALLENGES
  • Improving sustainability through more conscious energy and water consumption and use of renewable energies.
  • Improving the environment through better waste management systems and street cleaning.
  • Improving mobility and increasing cross-mobility.
  • Improving public participation and engagement with the city
CONTRIBUTIONS OF IOT SOLUTIONS TO SOLVE THE CITY CHALLENGES The city is growing at a steady pace and may reach 30’000 habitants in the years to come. The challenges are to keep “the spirit of Carouge” and welcome and involve new citizens, to cope with the growing work of the city employees, to better serve the habitants and to respect the environment. A LoRa wan and a Wifi networks and the fiber are available to welcome any kind of IoT devices:
  • A smart parking with Lora devices to better manage the parking strategy.
  • Lora noise monitoring sensors to create a 3D map.
  • A connected trash monitoring system to increase the recycling for SMEs
RELEVANCE FOR THE CITIZENS The IoT strategy of Carouge is centred on people, the well-being of its citizens, the workers and to give visitors a pleasant experience by visiting this charming city. Citizens are asking for a more and more personalized services and their concerns about sustainability and global warming is increasing. We hope to find solutions to fulfil these needs. On top of that, protecting the citizen privacy and transparency are main concerns. The city is implementing the new and very restrictive law GDPR. The growing pace of Carouge shows this is the right time to invest in IoT solutions nor only for the governance of the city and the well-being of its citizens but also for the new generation who are involved in innovation in their schools, high business schools and the university and for the future employment.
WANT TO KNOW MORE? Laurent HORVATH City Representative: Carouge