Clean Air School Districts (CAST) -Leapcraft

Challenge addressed

Environment & wellbeing: Reducing air pollution

Leapcraft empowers positive action for local communities by implementing air quality and noise sensor networks as part of smart city applications. The health effects of air pollution are a recognized and pressing global challenge. Above all, cities have a hard time creating appropriate responses as it is difficult to quantify this challenge at the local level. To this end, Leapcraft will implement a tailor made pilot programme in select school districts in three cities to gather emissions data around schools and engage local citizens for creating change.

The data will be used to drive awareness, behavioural modification and test new strategies for controlling emissions. Our solution empowers citizen engagement models, here via students, their families and schools. The impact is multi-fold as it will inform and engage parents and local communities in a change- initiative. Thus with adequate knowledge of outdoor and indoor air quality in their own classrooms and with the support of our AI platform they will help regulate the need for lowering ambient emissions outside and influence ventilation and maintaining optimum indoor air quality. Adequate clean air in a classroom improves pupil performance on the PISA scale, as a clear socio-economic impact.

Cities involved

Antwerp, Helsinki, Carouge


  • Vinay Venkatraman, CEO
  • Rohit Sharma, Software Designer
  • Christian Sonne, Front end Software Developer
  • Sri Krishna Narumanchi, Embedded Electronic Engineer
  • Louis König-Wheatley, Visual and Information Design
  • Priya Mani, Design Researcher
  • Joakim Rasmussen, Project Management v