Challenges addressed

Sustainable mobility: Encouraging non-motorised (active) transport

Kissmybike is an IoT tracking solution designed specifically for bicycles and small vehicles that detects theft and tracks the vehicle’s location until its successful recovery. It features an ultra-compact robust design that allows an internal installation, hiding it from hand and eye. The combination of smart adaptive algorithms and energy-efficient electronics enables several years of operation on a single charge. The system comprises cutting-edge satellite and mobile technologies in order to accurately track a vehicle’s location in different conditions in the event of theft. Whenever a vehicle is moved unexpectedly, Kissmybike alerts the owner immediately, starts the real-time tracking and reports its position through the app.

Kissmybike will allow to recover up to 90-95% of stolen vehicles with our solution installed on them, decreasing significantly the absolute number of citizens that abandon cycling due to theft problem and allowing the cities to promote the use of non-motorised transport for urban travel and leisure.

The analysis of historical city data and data collected with Kissmybike devices will allow providing cities with additional statistics on major cycling routes and parkings and their relationship with other urban public transport for city infrastructure optimization, traffic reduction and growth of urban security.

Cities involved


Milan, Santander, Antwerp





  • Dr. Nadya Bobova
  • Dr. Ivan Minakov
  • Dr. Uladzimir Kharkevich


  • Mr. Antonio Montalvo
  • Mr. Vicente Massó