The city of León is located in the centre of the country, flanked on the north by Sierra de Lobos and south by an agricultural plain. Leon, who began his plots from the Historic City and its neighbourhoods, is completely reordered and on this basis, was cemented its new structure: effectively connected densified areas and public spaces that encourage social interaction. Leon has joined the efforts of metropolitan development in coordination with the municipalities in the region. The project LEON HUMAN SMART CITY will be the result of join citizens, politicians and company’s efforts.

Leon is also a sustainable municipality with innovative practices that guarantee the protection of natural resources, thanks to the conviction of its inhabitants about respect for the environment. The Sierra de Lobos has become the mainstay of the natural wealth and environmental sustainability.

In the process of convert Leon in a Smart Human City is implicit the fact that City has evolved into an inclusive municipality and a safe environment where society and government respect and guarantee individual and collective rights.


Characterized historically by their work and entrepreneurship, recognized for its leather footwear sector based economy, has achieved the regeneration and modernization of this and other traditional sectors as well as the detonation of new industrial and service sectors, achieving greater economic equilibrium. But has yet to optimize other areas:

  • Air Quality measurement; levels of CO2, Carbon footprint
  • Sustainability on human and vehicles Mobility
  • Smart Parking
  • Energy Efficiency, Smart Urban Lighting, Energy savings


The future application and services to be implemented are related to the adaptative traffic management platform, an integrated system for the management of the traffic flows. The system should provide information about real-time flows, environment indicators, source-destination, business analytics and reports, predictive status (traffic jams, pollution indicators, etc.).

The project aims to make use of already existing infrastructure in the city: a smart, integrative street lightning project that is already on its second stage, having now a full system of installed smart street lighting.

The system will consist of a mixed use of communications methods: every street light in the city is connected to 50 cabinets, those of which are connected through optical fiber directly to the city´s control center. Therefore, each traffic analyzing sensor situated either on a traffic light, or on a street light, could use wireless communication (PAN, LAN, WAN) to pass information from the sensor to the street light, LTE (4G) to send that information to one of the 50 cabinets, and optical fiber displayed through the city to get the information to the control center, where it will be able to detect emergency vehicles, traffic jams, make statistics assumptions of traffic flow.


The project has a full-time objective of continuing to integrate León, Guanajuato into a Smart Human Municipality that beneficiates from IoT technologies, and becomes a reference of such for the standard of Smart Cities. It is also an ambitious initiative that strives to better the quality of life in the city of León:

It will develop context-adaptive traffic management in order to create better life quality for the community, since León has throughout the last years become one of the biggest municipalities in México, with 1,578,826 citizens, and with an increasing rate of incoming industrial parks, automotive assemblers, manufacturing factories, and of course the seemingly everlasting traditional shoe industry, which represents seventy percent of the entire Mexican production, have given place to an increasingly challenging situation when it comes to traffic management, leaving the local Traffic Management Direction to deal with complex problems that call for Smart Cities solutions, IoT for the development of the urban León area into a more  sustainable, efficient, livable city for all of its residents, that are now substantially not only Mexicans.


The City one key related activity is a prominent project, master plan LEON SMART HUMAN CITY. Project, defined as a priority by the Honorable City Hall of Leon de Los Aldama that is set to be worked and developed during the present administration and the coming ones (2015-onwards). It is based on:

  • Social development in the city.
  • Economic growth based on business activities carried out in the city.
  • Sustainability oriented efficient use of resources, both in economic matters, which currently needs to be done (services or improve existing) for less economic cost (+ x -) as it relates to the use of natural resources and energy.
  • Promotion and development of the local R + D + i as an element of momentum in economic matters for the city and generating new opportunities

The project includes: preliminary diagnosis, definition and Integration of Smart solutions with the guidelines of Leon Governance Plan, inventory and analysis of mobility and energy efficiency assets, smart mobility, design of flows by type of use, coexistence of sectors, convergence of types of use and sectors by safety design, traceability of incoming and outgoing goods and vehicles, inventory of assets, systems inventory, social WiFi.


Michel De Alba

City Representative: Leon