Neighbourly™: A Smart City platform
Challenges addressed

Citizen Engagement: Increasing citizen engagement in decision making 

In the course of normal city operations, large amounts of data are generated daily that go unused or underutilized. Cities know they have this data, yet it’s difficult to create solutions around it that engage citizens and build community; the data is either inaccessible, or difficult to combine with the other data sources that would unlock its full value. Neighbourly™ is a cross-domain, cross-application, open engagement platform, that solves this problem by gathering this latent data with proven IoT-enabled solutions, analyzing the data with smart algorithms, generating & presenting insights for cities to engage with their citizens. In this pilot project, we will showcase Neighbourly’s cross-domain interoperability framework with the purpose of improving citizen well-being and engagement around economic, environmental and social benefits within CO2 and Solid Waste production, through our partners: Everimpact and Zerocycle.

The vision is to develop a technical framework for human-centered IoT-enabled services for smart cities and their citizens in Europe. This framework will serve as an interoperability mechanism that allows new business models to easily integrate and monetize to address other community challenges that can be solved through citizen engagement, such as: mobility congestion; traffic and transportation; air pollution; public education; and city planning.

Cities involved

Herning, Manchester, Porto, Santander



Hussam Mansour, CEOCommuni

Szabolcs Nagy, CTO

Vitaly Romaniuk, Full stack developer

Kostiantyn Volovyk, UI/UX designer


Matthieu Carlier, CEO

Alain Retiere, CTO

Firas Alazem, Data analyst