Quamtra Smart Waste Management


Challenges addressed

Open challenge – waste management.

Alongside Wellness Telecom and the Municipality of Calatayud, Quamtra establishes a way forward for the standard adoption of sustainable models of waste management. Quamtra aims to foster innovation in waste management by demonstrating the potential of IoT technology for optimising waste-management operational methodologies.

The collection of solid urban waste is an often non-optimized public service based on fixed, predefined routes and schedules. This leads to the misuse of equipment (over or under-utilized), and inevitably to wasted energy and higher economic costs (e.g. empty containers collected, non-optimized routes). The Synchronicity Project brings to the consortium an excellent opportunity to test a solution which is capable of reducing the problems related with waste management, offering an optimized waste collection service. For this, we will pilot a system that allows to reduce the frequency of collection based on the level of filling of containers and bins in two Synchronicity Core Cities, Porto and Carouge, and in the New City, Calatayud (Spain).

Cities involved

Porto, Carouge, Calatayud


Wellness Telecom 

      • José Manuel Ávila, R&D Project Manager.
      • José Antonio Morales, R&D Project Manager.
      • José Antonio Cabo, Product Manager.
      • Juan Cornejo, Product Manager.
      • Alejandro Ballesta, Head of Hardware Development.
      • Jesús Barroso, Software Engineer

Municipality of Calatayud 

      • Inmaculada Lopez Pelayo, Technical Manager of the Environmental Department.
      • Marcial de la Asunción Montaño, Environmental Engineer.