SAREF is a reference ontology for the Internet of Things that has been published as an ETSI Technical Specification and includes dedicated extensions to specific domains (currently energy, buildings and environment). The Specialist Task Force (STF) team has elaborated a considerable number of requirements by performing a reverse engineering process on existing standards, data models, ontologies, and data sets. To validate this, you are invited to join the SAREF4CITY workshop that will take place on June 4th, from 11:15 to 18:00 during the IoT Week at Bilbao.

The workshop will be of a practical nature and is open to everyone interested in the representation of smart city data using ontologies.

Regarding the smart city domain, the STF team is focused on 1) creating awareness about the STF and 2) collecting background information and requirements to be used to develop the SAREF extension.

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