The IoT Week 2018 in Bilbao has been a relevant occasion for the SynchroniCity project to announce our 3M‎ open call for SMEs, Large businesses, and cities. The event gathered together more than 850 people involved in multiple sessions around IoT from 5 to 7 of June. SynchroniCity has been actively involved in the IoT Week 2018 programme by participating in the IOT4SCC Joint Workshops on IoT and Smart Cities & Communities Platform Convergence on 6-7 June to discuss the potential of converging towards open and interoperable solutions for smart cities.

Martin Brynskov, Coordinator of the SynchroniCity project has commented on the relevance of the event: “The IoT Week 2018 was a great venue for SynchroniCity and the other European IoT Large-Scale Pilots to promote the open calls to a savvy audience. We are already looking forward to presenting the results at IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark”.

On 7 June, Gemma Guilera, from Future Cities Catapult, who leads the SynchroniCity open call, has presented our project and shared info to potential applicants. The session brought together SynchroniCity with the other two Large Scale Pilots launching soon their open calls: ACTIVAGE and IoF2020.

Besides the session on Smart Cities & Communities implementation, SynchroniCity has participated in a specific workshop organized by the Create-IoT CSA on “Iterative Innovation in the Large Scale Pilots. Start-ups, SMEs and the Open Calls”. This event has constituted a relevant venue to work directly with potential applicants in co-creating IoT-enabled solutions for the Municipality of Antwerp. SynchroniCity has discussed with 10 SMEs and start-ups about problems to be solved in the city, stakeholders to be involved, potential solutions, data inputs/outputs, devices to be used, privacy by design policies to be implemented, as well as value created for both the cities and the businesses, and business models to apply.


Finally, we have contributed to sharing the experiences around co-creation of the 8 pilot cities involved in our project with the U4IoT CSA in a workshop on “End-user Engagement Tools and Methods for IoT Projects”. U4IoT presented the relevant toolkit created in the past year for the smart cities involved in the Large Scale Pilots. Together with the SynchroniCity team, U4IoT has drafted a plan for co-organizing co-creation workshops in the next phase of the project when the proposals will be funded and the actual work will start (February – September 2019).

We would like to thank as well all the companies and cities who stopped by at our booth during the IoT Week 2018 for getting more info about the SynchroniCity Open Call. We talked with more than 100 people and we invited them to participate in our monthly webinars to provide them with the opportunity to ask questions about the open call from June to end of September 2018.SynchroniCity is looking forward to meeting again with the IoT community for shaping the future of Smart Cities in Europe and beyond during the IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus!