Services in Focus: KimapCity

KimapCity is a Smart Mobility solution that will allow citizens to visualize the accessibility maps of the cities of Porto, Milan and Santander. Kimap is already on the go and has began their mapping of Santander.

KimapCity’s accessibility map will show the urban routes classified 

according to the index created to the index created by the Kimap algorithm. The index will classify routes as green, yellow, or red:

Green routes: easily accessible to any kind of mobility support like pushed wheelchairs, electrical wheelchair, electrical handcycle, electrical scooter and wheelchair segway.

Yellow routes: easily accessible to electric powered support but with some difficulties for classic pushed wheelchairs due to some irregularities of the ground-surface (Kimap detecting higher levels of vibrations). For the latter we recommend the presence of a helper pushing the support.

Red routes: accessible to electric powered supports but with some difficulties due to a higher level of irregularities of the ground. For pushed wheelchairs we highly advise not to follow such itineraries, even in the presence of a helper.

Want to know more? See KimapCity’s profile on our website or visit KimapCity and follow their steps on Twitter @kimap_ltd