The Digital Cities Challenge programme (DCC) has selected SynchroniCity as an example for good practice to support smart cities and communities in their digital transition. The DCC highlighted in particular the efforts of SynchroniCity to create a global IoT market for cities by integrating platforms and IoT devices for urban services.

The SynchroniCity partner cities Antwerp and Helsinki have also been chosen as best practice among the different smart city initiatives in the European Union. Antwerp’s “City of Things” has been selected as best practice in the area of open data and community, while Helsinki’s “Smart Kalasatama” project was selected as good practice in support services.

The Digital Cities Challenge is a tailored programme to support 42 cities in their digital transition. Funded by the European Commission, the programme facilitates expert coaching for participating cities to develop and implement digital policies that transform the everyday life for residents, businesses, workers, and entrepreneurs. More information about the programme and the different “good practices” can be found on the Digital Cities Challenge Website.