The fifth version of IEEE WF-IoT2019 (IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things) took place in Limerick, Ireland from 15-18 April. Martin Brynskov, Coordinator of SynchroniCity and Chair of Open & Agile Smart Cities, was there to highlight the achievements of SynchroniCity and the ongoing collaboration between TM Forum, OASC Ireland and SynchroniCity.

WF-IoT 2019 is the IEEE IoT Initiative’s key conference inviting a great variety of participants from the research community, the public sector, and the industry. The theme of this year’s conference was “IoT and the Digital Revolution” in recognition of strides and leadership that the host location of Limerick and Ireland has made in the deployment of “smart” technologies, operating principles, and policies. 

“I am honored to be invited to this great event, as Ireland is not only an active member of OASC, represented by Limerick, Dublin, Galway and Cork but also home to a new SynchroniCity deployment in Dublin. I couldn’t have chosen a better location to further develop our ongoing work together,” says Martin Brynskov.

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