Access to Live Cloud Sandbox

SynchroniCity Sandbox access instructions

SynchroniCity Sandbox is a test-purpose cloud environment freely accessible for the open call applicants and other external stakeholders that want to test SynchroniCity API (

Currently the Sandbox includes sample information based on real data coming from Santander and Porto.

In order to use SynchroniCity sandbox a user need to register and obtain an access token.

Connect to: and access to registration form clicking the “Sign Up” link:

Once the user completed registration process, he will receive a confirmation email. He has to confirm the account clicking the link in the email. He will be redirected to the login form, where he can login, by using the EMAIL (not the username) and PASSWORD used in the registration process.

Now the user has his own account in the Synchronicity IdM, then it is possible to apply to the “Oauth2 Demo Client” app to obtain the token:

By clicking the button, the user will be redirected to the Login page of the IdM, where he will perform the login, and then authorize the application to use his account information.

The Demo Client will automatically perform Oauth2 “Authorization Code” grant, by requesting to the IdM the access token, issuing its Application Id, Secret, and encrypted user credentials.

Once the user clicked Authorize, he will be redirected to the Demo Client page, where will be displayed the user access token.

Then the token can be used as Header in the http requests (e.g. in the Context Broker). The following picture shows a typical call (GET /v2/entities) with Postman Client.

Note the access token issued as X-Auth-Token header.