On 22 August 2018, the SynchroniCity team has participated in the workshop in Geneva entitled: “Optimising the learning curve – implementing end-user engagement tools in IoT large-scale pilots“, organised by the U4IoT project in the context of the Open Living Lab Days 2018. The municipality of Porto, through Associação Porto Digital, has joined the workshop for SynchroniCity with the aim to share the achievements of the project, as well as insights on the use of the U4IoT tools and methods to enhance the end-user engagement in the piloting activities. For a detailed description of the workshop have a look here.

From the SynchroniCity point of view, the U4IoT workshop has constituted an important occasion after 18 months of project development to re-think about the implementation of end-user engagement tools, as well as identify results achieved, in order to plan how to use them in the next future. The interesting result is that mostly all the U4IoT tools have been already experienced by SynchroniCity, as they are relevant for co-creating IoT solutions in a smart city context, and especially we plan to use some of them again in multiple phases of the project, according to the different target user groups identified.

Not only projects, but also individual institutions and companies working on IoT can benefit from these tools! Try them out here.