What technologies will support computation in the Future?

Computers have had profound impact over the last 50 years, dramatically reshaping how we live. However, the core technology that supports computation – silicon chips – has remained relatively stable. Most of the improvements/increases in computing power have been achieved by increasing the clock speed at which individual calculations occur, building denser chips, and developing parallel data processing architectures. But there are physical limits to how much we can scale down and speed up our chips, and there are serious challenges regarding the power efficiency of current processors.

Current computing technologies struggle to address these issues, but, clearly, new technologies must arise to complement them or even replace them. It is precisely this vision of the future that will be addressed in the UPTEC School on the Future of Computing, and in particular attempt to answer a key question:

Which technologies will support computation in the future, and which will be the decisive factors for them to succeed in practice?

For more info: https://futurecomp.uptec.up.pt