At IoT Week 2019, SynchroniCity demonstrated the practical achievements of its work over the past two years. It was an opportunity to share the technical foundation developed; the pilots that are making use of this common technical foundation across partner cities; and to reflect upon our activity through broad but grounded debate on core issue-areas. SynchroniCity tackled all this through technical demos of our architecture, seven pilot exhibitions, and ten curated sessions on a dedicated track.

With more than 1600 participants from Europe and beyond, the 7th edition of IoT Week, set the stage in Aarhus to discuss the latest developments and future visions of the Internet of Things. SynchroniCity’s ambition to open up a global IoT market where cities and businesses develop shared digital services, naturally placed our community at the core of IoT Week’s goals.

“I am happy to see the full force of SynchroniCity in Aarhus. It demonstrates the potential of what the SynchroniCity team is creating” said Martin Brynskov, coordinator of SynchroniCity. “We are excited to further develop these foundations together with the members of the Open & Agile Smart City (OASC) network and to scale SynchronICity’s achiements”.

This is why SynchroniCity organised 10 sessions dealing with common and specific challenges to ensure a responsible digital transformation. 

“We have taken the first steps towards a framework for cities and communities to responsibly embrace the transformations brought about by the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.added Martin Brynskov This is what the third edition of our dedidated two-day conference track and three-day Public Expo across this fantastic venue is all about

Half of those individual sessions looked at issues of standardisation, interoperability and implementation. Standardisation specifically when driving the convergence of standards for smart cities & communities through market action. Interoperability as the bridges that can allow different parts or systems to work together. Finally, implementation from the view point of Cities as drivers of chance and at the natural forefront of IoT market creation. 

The other sessions on the track co-organised by SynchroniCity and OASC looked at the other side of the debate. Not at the “how to do it” but to the “why do it”. These debates brought together officials from public institutions in cities, countries, and the EU and UN structures. Their perspective was paired with that of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other organisations close to citizen-innovation such as Living Labs

“IoT Week proved a great showcase of an experimentation platform. By inviting and allowing visitors to try out new technological solutions and co-creating new innovative ideas together. These debates, and the exciting Public Expo, validates our work as a project and as individual organisations to move from systems to ecosystems in order to empower citizens through the IoT transformation” reflected Zsuzsanna Bodi, Association Director at the European Network of Living Labs