On the final stretch of the road towards IoTWeek 2019, SynchroniCity brought its activity and results to share with the key players in the EU’s Digital transformation. The Digital Assembly is a yearly forum for stakeholders to take stock of the achievements of the Digital Single Market Strategy, draw lessons and to exchange views on the contours of a future digital policy. Digital Assembly 2019 was co-organised by the European Commission and the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Taking place on 13th and 14th  June in Bucarest, the event was also a great opportunity to showcase how digital is transforming our societies and economies, and how it can help bring positive change to our lives.

At the core of SynchroniCity’s engagement, lay our contributions to the proposal for the strategic agenda of the next European Commission: “Digital Europe for all”. This was the centre piece of the Plenary session “Digital 4 Communities” where Martin Brynskov, Chair of OASC and Coordinator of SynchroniCity, had this to say:

“It is fantastic to see these topics so high on the agenda, and seeing a direct reflection on the key policies for the coming Commission, and budgets like those for Horizon Europe – with a specific mission on Smart Cities – the Digital Europe Programme and the Connecting Europe Facility. These are essential instruments with considerable foreseen budget – North of twenty five billion euros. There is a clear shift towards addressing global challenges, in ways that make sense locally.

Beyond the inspirational showcases of ‘Smart Cities & Communities’ this plenary concentrated on best practices and support for scaling up and sharing smart city solutions. The new element of this session was the presentation and commitment of stakeholders (e.g. Eurocities) to adopt a DESI Local index that includes indicators across connectivity, local innovation ecosystems, services related to mobility, energy, health, waste/ sustainability, eGovernment solutions (i.e. indicators of local economy, services, and democracy).