Launching a successful business is often a completely different challenge from sustaining it or operating it on potential new markets. This is where information and experience often make the difference between success and failure. The IoT Next Club is set to bridge this knowledge gap by connecting hardware and service providers, the SMEs in Europe, forming part of the new IoT landscape, to grow their IoT networks, share knowledge, and be ready for the next opportunity.

“We’re building Europe’s most vibrant ecosystem for IoT start-ups and SMEs,” says Tanya Suarez, co-founder of BluSpecs and IoT tribe, and one of the leaders of the IoT Next Club initiative. “The SMEs will be able to access and share curated opportunities for investment and funding, finding new partners, tech resources and engage directly with decision-makers.  We want the community to see everything that is happening in the IoT space and be part of it,” she elaborates.

The IoT Next Club is an initiative of the European IoT Large-Scale-Pilots (LSP) Programme. Alongside SynchroniCity, three other LSPs have launched open calls and hackathons for SMEs in the last year to contribute to the technologies being tested within the pilots. Monica, ActivAge, and IoF have targeted their respective communities to support the growth of innovation within their sectors and increase the impact of IoT uptake and development across Europe and worldwide.

At the moment, SMEs are invited as part of their engagement within the seven projects part of the European IoT LSP programme. These SMEs source, curate, and share opportunities to actively shape the landscape for the next-generation of technology, business and society. The SMEs are supported by an active team from leading partners across the LSP programme.

The IoT Next Club successfully uses the platform, Slack, allowing the SMEs to share and gather information about upcoming IoT trends in Europe, calibrate their products through peer feedback, while finding partners to grow their network and access domain experts and knowledge.

Tanya is hopeful of on the future of the IoT Next Club. “These are the first steps of what we were seeing to be a naturally forming community. Our next step is to continue opening up this community while validating the knowledge and expertise of these pioneer SMEs through a quality assessment,” she states.