While the businesses and cities get to work in testing real-life solutions to citizens’ problems, SynchroniCity remains busy in building the background tools to support the processes of the future for IoT. As part of this activity, SynchroniCity is a core partner in the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots (LSP) Programme. As the name suggests, the IoT European LSP Programme brings together the innovation communities that are collaborating to foster the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in Europe through the integration of advanced IoT technologies by testing them in real-life conditions.

Public authorities, government policymakers and technical experts from different European countries working in the field of loT gathered in the city of Caparica, from the 26th to the 28th of February. The workshop CREATE the Next Generation IoT eXperience for the Future, is part of a workshop series to provide a Pan European platform to exchange information among projects addressing the fast-growing loT European ecosystem.

Ricardo Vitorino, the Smart Cities R&I Manager at Ubiwhere, shared SynchroniCity’s vision for the Digital Single Market, its sustainability and the impact on SMEs developing IoT solutions for smart cities.

“As the technical partner of the city of Porto, it was a pleasure to participate on behalf of Ubiwhere and share our ideas in the multiple sessions of the workshop, discussing with representatives of other IoT-LSP projects, the European Commission, and other innovative SMEs developing IoT solutions in Europe,” he said.

During the three days, the participants looked at the next steps to foster links between communities of IoT users and providers. They looked at EU Member States’ initiatives, and other initiatives including contractual Public-Private-Partnerships, that engage the IoT ecosystem of SMEs, local innovation hubs and the growing needs for digitising industry.  

“These workshops proved a great way to learn about other experiences, their successes and setbacks and understand the comprehensive work that IoT solutions are doing across areas like the Agrifood, Automotive and Healthcare sectors.” Ricardo added.