Active Travel Insights

Challenges addressed

Sustainable mobility: Encouraging non-motorised transport

Active Travel Insights is a first-of-a-kind project, amalgamating data feeds from our sensors and comparative open data provided by the cities, to encourage more non-motorised transport on the roads.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solution will be launched in Antwerp, Eindhoven, Helsinki, and Manchester.

Active Travel Insights provides a detailed understanding of cyclist movements across each city through the amalgamation of open, real-time and cutting-edge data. The solution will combine data feeds from three types of sensors (Vivacity sensors, iSensing sensors, and Environmental sensors) with comparative open air quality data provided by the partner cities.

Active Travel Insights will help cities gain a deeper understanding of their cycle network, including: how many people use cycle routes, a deep insight into the interaction between different types of road users, the impact of the road network on the environment, and where citizens are travelling to and from. The solution will address safety issues around active travel on strategic routes in each city. The solution will provide evidence for cycling infrastructure investment, with an aim to encourage more citizens to use the enhanced cycling networks within each municipality.

Cities involved

Antwerp, Eindhoven, Helsinki and Manchester.


Vivacity Labs

  • Ben Kilner, Project Manager
  • James Hill, Business Development Director
  • Soraya Thompson, Business Development Manager
  • Jamie Oakey, Remote Support Engineer
  • Zaheer Allarakhia, Senior Technician


  • Harvey Beilinsohn, Project Lead
  • Lee Omar, Commercialisation Lead
  • Masha Zaitesva, Co-ordinator


  • Paul Froes, Project Advisor
  • Graham Scott, Project Manager


Our consortium has experience working with governments and the transport sector. We deliver accurate insights into their road networks, helping municipalities save money through smarter, evidence-based investment.