Two years of hard work culminated with the launch of the pilot phase at the SynchroniCity Bootcamp in London on the last 6th and 7th of February. The launch of the 6-month implementation phase marks a milestone in enabling data exchange from Internet of Things (IoT) devices between cities and systems. Initially, 49 interoperable solutions will be deployed in 18 cities across the globe.

Organised at Future Cities Catapult, a London-based UK innovation center and partner in SynchroniCity, the bootcamp provided the pilot groups and new cities with all the insights and tools to start rolling out the solutions.

Dr Gemma Guilera, SME Programme Lead at Future Cities Catapult, stated: “The bootcamp has been a major success. The place was buzzing with energy and everyone was eager to get to know each other and start this journey together. We’re confident that the bootcamp set the tone for the rest of the pilot phase.”

The SynchroniCity bootcamp connected the partners and cities of the 16 pilots – selected in a competitive open call with more than 130 applications received – to the SynchroniCity partners. The meeting in London set the foundation for the implementation of the solutions in 18 cities.  

Nenad Glicoric is the pilot lead of SmartImpact, an IoT enabled service for the real-time management of urban development projects. SmartImpact will be applied simultaneously in the cities of Carouge, Santander, and Novisad.  “I was impressed with the organisation and it clearly showed that the bootcamp was well thought through” Nenad said. “We encounter methods that we knew from past experiences and many that we were not aware of. All of these made for an engaging and fruitful discussion to engage cities and us newcomers alike in what is expected from us and how we can make the best use of the tools at our disposal.”

More than 80 representatives came together at the bootcamp to prepare the roll-out of the pilots. One of them was Maarit Vehiviläinen, Smart City Project Manager at the City of Tampere in Finland. “It was a pleasure to be at the two-day bootcamp in London and to meet the other representatives from cities and companies. It was an event full of energy and we, the City of Tampere, are looking forward to the roll out of the SynchroniCity pilots,” she said.

The City of Tampere is one of the 10 new cities that joined SynchroniCity through the open call as part of a pilot group. In total, 18 cities will test the SynchroniCity framework and roll out IoT-enabled services. The framework aims to prove that digital services can be replicated easily across cities and countries based on the implementation of Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms.