For the past two years, SynchroniCity has steadily worked towards putting together the pieces to create an effective single market for city data and services across Europe and beyond. As the businesses that joined us through our Open Call get ready to take full advantage of the groundwork set by SynchroniCity, it is the turn of the cities to share their road so far, and their ambitions for the road ahead towards a global IoT market.

Under the theme of “Making Agile The New Stable”, the Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference (CSCC19) sets the stage for city-led innovation activities to transition from ideas to the effective implementation of smart city technological standards. This is why Porto and Helsinki – 2 of the 8 Core Pilot Cities co-creating and implementing SynchroniCity’s framework – will be opening the conference alongside Roberto Viola, Director General of Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) at the European Commission. Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment for the City of Helsinki; and Filipe Araújo, Vice-Mayor for Innovation for the City of Porto will address the opening plenary by discussing how open standards and minimal interoperability mechanisms support cities, communities and businesses alike to create an open and global smart city market based on cities’ needs.

Organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities, a network connecting more than 120 cities on three continents, CSCC19 contributes to the debate on standards and interoperability for Smart Cities through its dedicated Tech track. Looking at interoperability mechanisms in practice and emerging standards & mechanisms, experts from SynchroniCity, such as José Gato, from ATOS; Rick Schager, from the City of Eindhoven; and Juanjo Hierro from FIWARE foundation, among others will help guide cities and businesses in their transformation.

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