On the 28th of November 2018, the Municipality of Milan presented the Digital Transformation Plan and the Synchronicity project during the Capacity Building Seminar of the Interreg Alpine Space Smart Villages: Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space (http://www.alpine-space.eu/projects/smartvillages/en/news-events/events) hosted in the premises of Regione Lombardia at Palazzo Pirelli.

The project aims to apply a Smart Village approach for mountain areas to unlock the potential of local actors, in order to make the region a more attractive place to live and work. The approach brings together policy makers, business, academia and civil society to improve the framework for innovation through new forms of stakeholder involvement facilitated by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Partners and representatives of the Test Regional Areas from Alpine Regions in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Italy met to work together on their needs and aims towards a smart transition. The meeting was led in a step-wise way to enable the cities to structure their work for the upcoming years.

Chiara Bresciani, Project Manager of the Synchronicity project for Milan, underlined the importance of MIMs (Minimum Interoperability Mechanisms) from Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC), also to the benefit of remote rural and alpine areas, in order to be able to develop shared digital services, in contexts with limited resources available. The meeting has been very appreciated by the Smart Villagers, and the example of a big city like Milan, has been considered valuable to work toward the digitalization process.



About the author

Chiara Bresciani
With a background in civil engineering and urban planning – focusing on transport and logistics –, Chiara has been working as a researcher and for city administrations in the Lombardy region for many years. Chiara manages now the SynchroniCity project in the pilot city Milan. For more information please contact here at Chiara.Bresciani@comune.milano.it