The Ramp Up to Build Seongnam as the Next Best Smart City of South Korea

The city of Seongnam is considered as the Silicon Valley of Korea with more than 62 thousands’ corporations, while the city population is 960 thousands. Seongnam is the first planned city in the history of Korea, and it has been built with the scope to industrialize the nation by concentrating electronic, textile and petrochemical facilities in the area. Today, Seongnam has grown as a metropolitan city with the aim to enhance the work of several industrial companies, especially in the fields of game, smart factory, online-network (Internet, 4G, 5G), and so on. The ultimate goal is to create a fully high-tech city.

Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency (SNIP)has pushed ahead the development of a smart city based on local innovation, strongly convinced that by linking different communities of citizens, such as civicc groups, ordinary citizens, businesses and intellectuals, and letting them freely suggest and discuss ideas to the benefit of the society is the best approach to follow.

To achieve this scope, besides the local funding from the Municipality, Seongnam thanks to the collaboration with KETI (Korea Electronics TechnologyInstitute), joined the SynchroniCity project (co-funded by the KoreaInstitute for Advancement of Technology under Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) to acquire the necessary expertise to build the city as the best“smart city” of Asia. In the past months, KETI participated in several European-based events to promote the first results achieved thanks to the work developed within SynchroniCity, especially in terms of implementing common standards for smart cities in Asia, based on the Open & Agile Smart Cities(OASC) principles.

Taking into account the great results achieved by KETI within the SynchroniCity project, a meet-up event has been organized on the 18th of October in the office of KETI to share and promote the activities developed, as well as to publicly reflect on the development of the smart city projects in South Korea.

KETI has also participated in the ETSI IoT Week 2018, from 22 to 26 October 2018 in Sophia Antipolis in France, where the SynchroniCity Korean consortium (KETI,SNIP and ULike) shown a smartphone application focused on parking and transfer services, presenting both parking lot information near Yatap station in Seongnam and information about transfer transportations. The demonstration caught the attention of the visitors at the event with more than 200 people crossing the KETI stand. Seongnam has also been presented as a smart city best practice in a panel discussion on23 October 2018 at the ETSI IoT Week, where together with Mr. Davor Meersman, from OASC, Mr. SeungMyeong Jeong presented the experience from theSynchroniCity platform and service deployment in Seongnam.

The next big challenge of Seongnam to be solved thanks to the collaboration with SynchroniCity is to improve big data processing for city policies, especially with the aim of reducing environmental and traffic issues, as well as increasing public order and welfare. In this sense, the concrete opportunity provided by the SynchroniCity open call is fundamental to explore these services and implement them in collaboration with different cities worldwide, with the final goal to scale-up the application of common services through the effective and consistent approach provided by OASC.

About the author

Francesca Spagnoli
Senior Consultant and Project Manager in several international Innovation Technology projects. Passionate about Science & Technology, trained as Economist and Comms manager, Francesca lives at the intersection between generating and analyzing socio-economic impacts of Innovation. Francesca is currently Communications Lead of the SynchroniCity EU funded project.