Quick Links

It would help if you first read the 1-pager document to understand what open call documents are available and what is their purpose.

Where can I find information about the Core Pilot Cities?

Generic information can be found here.

Information about available data for open call participants in addition to the SynchroniCity compliant data can be found in the Cities Cards. The Cities Cards can be found either as an Annex in the SynchroniCity Framework document here or directly in this link.

Where can I find the Application Form?

The Application form is available here.

Where can I find the SynchroniCity technical framework?  

You can find the documentation about the SynchroniCity Technical Framework directly here. You will also be able to find this document in the “Toolkit for SMEs and Large Business Applicants (or New City Applicants if you are a city)” under “3. Open Call SynchroniCity Framework”.

Where can I find all data available in the Core Pilot Cities?

You can find some information about the data currently available in the cities here.